Comprehensive Digital Strategy for a restaurant

Our Role

Kira Marketing Agency was tasked with developing and implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to increase this restaurant online reservations and enhance its market presence

The client

To modernize their online booking system and improve their overall online visibility to attract more patrons.

The Goal

To increase monthly online reservations by 40% and improve user interaction through a revamped online presence and targeted marketing strategies within six months.

Our Solution

Our crew proudly accomplished the approach of custom user interaction by implementing unique water transitions & subtle animations. All photography work throughout the site was custom acquired and altered to produce an impactful and consistent theme from every page to each unique project.

Strategy Implemented:

Our crew proudly accomplished the approach of custom user interaction by implementing unique water transitions & subtle animations.

SEO Optimization

Enhanced the restaurant’s website content for SEO, focusing on local search terms and gastronomy-specific keywords to attract local food enthusiasts and tourists. PPC Campaigns: Initiated geo-targeted PPC ads emphasizing special menu items, promotions, and the unique dining experience offered, aimed at increasing immediate reservations. Social Media Management: Boosted social media engagement through regular updates, featured dishes of the week, and interactive content like live kitchen sessions and chef interviews

Web Development

Completely overhauled the website to offer an intuitive, user-friendly reservation system, visually appealing menu presentations, and mobile compatibility. Interactive Features: Added a virtual tour of the dining area and interactive menu items to help patrons decide their orders before arriving, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Reservation Automation

Implemented WhatsApp Business API to automate reservation confirmations, send reminders, and collect feedback post-visit, thereby improving customer service and operational efficiency

Results Achieved

Reservation Rates

Online bookings increased by 50% within the first three months post-implementation

Website Traffic

Saw a 75% increase in website visitors due to improved SEO and effective PPC campaigns

Customer Engagement

Social media interactions tripled, with significant increases in followers and daily engagement, contributing to higher reservation numbers

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined reservations and customer service processes reduced wait times and no-shows, enhancing profitability